The weather has been lousy here in the South-West of Western Australia but having said that it is winter!!  But normally its not this cold, very low temperatures, which is unusual.  Apparently there’s even been snow in some areas Ouch!!!!!  So I have been hibernating inside doing paperwork, blogs etc. as the workshop is a bit chilly even with thick socks and big boots.

I have been working on shadow boxes recently and have done quite a few of different sizes and am enjoying the process of adding my found objects to form a scene, an each one is unique.  I am saving them for my second solo exhibition in Busselton in November.  Lots of work to do and I’m both keen and excited to announce a second exhibition in January at the Bunbury Regional Art Gallery which I’m collaborating with the very talented Sharon Hinchcliffe of so my life is out of control at the moment trying to work on two exhibitions and my normal production line.   But I always work well under pressure and I need time to beachcomb as the swells have been fantastic lately so much to explore.  I will keep you posted….