Well once again I’ve been neglecting my site but things have been very busy lately even though its Winter, I have been doing regular Workshops and meeting lots of interesting people!  The latest crew are from the South West Home Education Assoc. and here’s a photo of them showing off the fabulous tiles they made.   They certainly inspired me to look at things differently.


Also had the chance to help the Bunbury Art Connect Group to raise some funds by having a sausage sizzle!!  Never cooked so many sausages in all my life!!  But we had fun & a laugh and raised some money for future endeavours that the group often do together.


I also had the opportunity to travel to Perth for the Corsini Collection exhibition at AGWA.  It was beautiful with old classic artists on show, and what was remarkable was it was from one families collection!!!!  The painting above was of a cardinal who was in the family but the painting was shot at by the nazis during the war, you can see the bullet holes!  The frames were divine and all the colours so lush after centuries of life.  Amazing!  One day I’m going to Europe to see all the old masters!