Well my ongoing blogging career is very poor!!  I also use instagram and fb but find I am very slack as to looking after my poor blog!

But I will make an effort to update you about my studio/gallery and everything that has been happening since my last post!WGCK4653

I recently did a exhibition in Fremantle at Bitches Brew Gallery in High Street.  It was a exhibition about enviromental awareness and I was lucky enough to be included with two other artists who also work with found objects.   Virginia Casey & Janine Mathews.  It was lovely to see others making found objects into artforms.


I also had a few days in beautiful Bali to warm up as this Winter has been very cold and I cant wait for Spring!!!!!    Ive been doing a few Winter Workshops which have been great fun!    The next workshop is on Saturday in September and then it will be Christmas Workshops in November!   So if your interested please contact me sidie1@bigpond.com


I have been trying to do professional social media updates regularly (not my poor blog!) and I seem to be getting good feedback from these, but its so time consuming!!!    It can take up to an hour out my day everyday just to do emails & social media updates but unfortunately for a poor artist its the best way to get word of myself out there!     I will keep you posted…..