Well its happened Christmas crept up behind me and tapped me on the shoulder!!!   This year I am determined to be at least partially organised! (yeah right!)   I’ve got a small list of things I would like to have for Christmas and this year I’m going to control spending which should be easy as I have nothing to spend!!!  My family is having Christmas Eve Dinner and Christmas Breakfast this year which should work out good as for the rest of  Christmas I can be plank like either at the beach or on the lounge!   Of course, Christmas in Western Australia is generally hot hot and more hot! but its been such a weird year of weather I’m not sure what to expect.   This year I’m going for gold and rose blush in the decorations for home and of course turquoise and white for the studio.  I will once again wrap everything in brown paper as its better for the enviroment and I prefer the look as I like to add my own touches to the wrapping.   I am starting to get a little excited and look forward to posting lots of Christmas cheer!