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I have been a ceramic artist for  many years, I was born and bred in the south-west of western australia and have been brought up surrounded by the fantastic oastline which i enjoy everyday.  Through the seasons of the year I collect unusual and everyday objects from the shore to use in my beautiful ceramic sculptures.  Be it driftwood or shell, rock or bone I see something in it that can be transformed to a piece of art that reflects the beauty from which it has come.  I hold a Diploma in Visual Art & Craft and i confess to an ongoing daily education in manipulating and firing of different clays that I use in my sculptures.

Porcelain is the main clay that I use in my workshop as it has elasticity for handbuilding and yet is strong enough to be worked to translucency in her fragile seaweed pieces.  The glazes that are used are soft and lanquid, pale greens and blues that reflect the summer days and warm sand of the south-west.  The found objects that are used in my work all have a story of where they have been found and can come from as far away as Broome in the North-West or Albany in the Great Southern, but all are thoughtfully married with porcelain to make a beautiful piece of art that is proudly Western Australian and reflects the lifestyle that is lived in our coastal towns.  Hopefully you have been lucky enough to appreciate my work and have taken something home  to remind you of our beautiful South-West of Western Australia.

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  1. Janyne Moore
    Apr 04, 2014 @ 00:09:56


    We are including this blog in CataBlog – an online directory of Australian and New Zealand bloggers. Our website is http://www.catablog.com.au We are in the final stages of building the directory and we would like to confirm an email address for you.

    Also I would like to check if you have any social media pages for your blog like facebook, twitter, instagram etc.


    Janyne Moore


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