12th September….

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Well my ongoing blogging career is very poor!!  I also use instagram and fb but find I am very slack as to looking after my poor blog!

But I will make an effort to update you about my studio/gallery and everything that has been happening since my last post!WGCK4653

I recently did a exhibition in Fremantle at Bitches Brew Gallery in High Street.  It was a exhibition about enviromental awareness and I was lucky enough to be included with two other artists who also work with found objects.   Virginia Casey & Janine Mathews.  It was lovely to see others making found objects into artforms.


I also had a few days in beautiful Bali to warm up as this Winter has been very cold and I cant wait for Spring!!!!!    Ive been doing a few Winter Workshops which have been great fun!    The next workshop is on Saturday in September and then it will be Christmas Workshops in November!   So if your interested please contact me sidie1@bigpond.com


I have been trying to do professional social media updates regularly (not my poor blog!) and I seem to be getting good feedback from these, but its so time consuming!!!    It can take up to an hour out my day everyday just to do emails & social media updates but unfortunately for a poor artist its the best way to get word of myself out there!     I will keep you posted…..


27th June….

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Well once again I’ve been neglecting my site but things have been very busy lately even though its Winter, I have been doing regular Workshops and meeting lots of interesting people!  The latest crew are from the South West Home Education Assoc. and here’s a photo of them showing off the fabulous tiles they made.   They certainly inspired me to look at things differently.


Also had the chance to help the Bunbury Art Connect Group to raise some funds by having a sausage sizzle!!  Never cooked so many sausages in all my life!!  But we had fun & a laugh and raised some money for future endeavours that the group often do together.


I also had the opportunity to travel to Perth for the Corsini Collection exhibition at AGWA.  It was beautiful with old classic artists on show, and what was remarkable was it was from one families collection!!!!  The painting above was of a cardinal who was in the family but the painting was shot at by the nazis during the war, you can see the bullet holes!  The frames were divine and all the colours so lush after centuries of life.  Amazing!  One day I’m going to Europe to see all the old masters!

2nd May….

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I am embarrassed to be writing this knowing that I havnt updated my site since February!! EEK!!!   What have I been doing all this time you ask?   Well I havnt been lazing on a beach in Bali (unfortunately) I have been very busy at me studio in Busselton Western Australia.

Since my last blog we closed our exhibition at the Bunbury Regional Art Gallery after six weeks and a very exciting time.  It was a lovely exhibition and had a very good vibe to it. Since then we had the opportunity to put it on the road and headed to Margaret River to a sensational winery with a gallery called Mr. Barval.    Our exhibition  has been showing there up until 28/4 when it again closed after a successful few weeks.  What a ride!!

Since then I have held two workhops where the class had lots of fun getting muddy and making masterpieces of their own.   I really enjoyed meeting everyone and having a good laugh with like-minded people.  Such fun!


Next on the agenda is the Dardanup Art Trail where I will go and set up at the beautiful Lyndendale Gallery in the Ferguson Valley and spend the day with other artists showing our wares.   Then it will be late May! can you believe it?   Always I’m behind as the months go so quick!  Then in June I’m doing some kids classes (bit nervous) as Ive only had adult workshops but I’m sure they will sort me out!!  Then hopefully a short break with the caravan maybe for a meander along the coast to find some bits and bobs!!   Once again I try to keep you up to date but time just flys!




13th February….

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I had a beautiful kiln opening yesterday.   The colours were amazing and it never ceases to surprise me when I open the kiln door and look in with trepidation to see if everything has exploded or cracked or melted or dropped or fused or whatever!! and then it’s all perfect and you put your hands together in a prayer mode and lift your eyes to the sky and thank the kiln gods who have blessed you once again!  IMG_1760


28th January….

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It’s been a very busy time at Tracie Anderson Ceramics!  I have opened a new exhibition with the incredible Sharon Hinchliffe at the Bunbury Regional Art Gallery which runs until the 25/02/18 Whew!!! and if that wasn’t enough I was accepted into the annual South-West Survey 2018, so am madly finishing my piece for that and if THAT’S not enough, trying to keep my little studio/gallery in Busselton up to date, ship shape & have lots to look at!

This is just a titbit of the art that is at the exhibition and below I have included some of Sharons paintings as well.  It has been a fun & satisfying collaboration and I hope we have a successful run at Bunbury Regional Art Gallery.

23rd December….

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Well I want to know where the year has gone?  Who the hell stole it as I barely remember seeing much of it it spun past so fast!!!   A lot has happened to me this year, some good, some bad and some downright ugly!  but I look back with fondness on the good as I shifted to my beautiful studio/gallery in Busselton Western Australia.  What a delight it has been to work in this space and to have people come to see my art and give me such positive feedback.  Thankyou to those people (you know who you are!)   The artists life in the workshop is quite isolated so it has been a revelation to have a gallery & to have people to talk to about my passion.  Of course now we have another year to greet & I’m just hoping I can get into an organised mode early on so I don’t get to the other end and end up saying the same things.  I’d like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas filled with peace & love & wellbeing and a New Year that brings joy and prosperity to all.  See you in January 2018…….IMG_0810IMG_0990IMG_1179

10th November….

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west wind drift

Finally able to sit and quickly fill you in on whats going on in Busselton, Western Australia.  I have now got the posters out for my exhibition yay!!!  Its being held in the old courthouse gallery at Artgeo Cultural Complex in Busselton.  I’m still in the process of finishing some of the pieces EEK!  But I’m sure I will be ready in time (famous last words!)  Its a bit of a mixture of art combining wall pieces as well as sculptural art. So lots going on down here.

If your in the area don’t forget to call in as its running for two weeks and will open your mind to upcycling and what we find on our beaches.

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