23rd December….

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Well I want to know where the year has gone?  Who the hell stole it as I barely remember seeing much of it it spun past so fast!!!   A lot has happened to me this year, some good, some bad and some downright ugly!  but I look back with fondness on the good as I shifted to my beautiful studio/gallery in Busselton Western Australia.  What a delight it has been to work in this space and to have people come to see my art and give me such positive feedback.  Thankyou to those people (you know who you are!)   The artists life in the workshop is quite isolated so it has been a revelation to have a gallery & to have people to talk to about my passion.  Of course now we have another year to greet & I’m just hoping I can get into an organised mode early on so I don’t get to the other end and end up saying the same things.  I’d like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas filled with peace & love & wellbeing and a New Year that brings joy and prosperity to all.  See you in January 2018…….IMG_0810IMG_0990IMG_1179

10th November….

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west wind drift

Finally able to sit and quickly fill you in on whats going on in Busselton, Western Australia.  I have now got the posters out for my exhibition yay!!!  Its being held in the old courthouse gallery at Artgeo Cultural Complex in Busselton.  I’m still in the process of finishing some of the pieces EEK!  But I’m sure I will be ready in time (famous last words!)  Its a bit of a mixture of art combining wall pieces as well as sculptural art. So lots going on down here.

If your in the area don’t forget to call in as its running for two weeks and will open your mind to upcycling and what we find on our beaches.

26th October….

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IMG_0759 Dried Sponges on Display 


Hi All,  Just wanted to give you a quick view of the studio/workshop & also of the gorgeous foreshore down here in Busselton.    There has been a steady flow of people coming into have a browse and a chat!!  I enjoy talking to them & showing how I do things in my workshop.  It’s amazing how little people know about the process of claywork and firing/glazing etc.  I think I must take it all for granted and so its been nice to explain the process for them.  I intend to do some workshops after Christmas, so people that are interested will become familiar with clay and what you can do with it.  The possibilities are endless and for me I try not to drift off onto different paths as there are so many that you can follow!!!!  I have always been drawn to the coast and because I use found objects in my work I am happy to keep to a coastal theme and follow where that leads me.

19th October….

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Fantastic news!!  I have finally opened a workshop/gallery space of my very own in sunny Busselton, Western Australia.  It has been a long time coming but I am very happy with change and am very happy with the space that I’m working in.  It has a good vibe and originally was the stables for the local lock-up!!  I feel quite content here maybe because the horses have left a good spirit from the 1800’s but anyway so far all I have had is positive feedback from people coming to say Hello and I’ve been lucky enough to sell a few pieces as well which makes it a bonus.  I have decided to change my logo but am still only doing coastal themed art work.  (can’t change that!!)

So if you find yourself in the Busselton area don’t forget to look me up and say Hello.



9th September…..

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Very busy times at the moment, my workshop looks like a bombsite!!!  I am right in the middle of preparation for note one! but two!!! exhibitions.  What was I thinking!!!  The first is in November and the second is in January which I am collaborating with another artist which is very very exciting.  I will tell you more as it progresses.

So the kiln is working overtime and my hands are busy making, making, making.  Though during this time I cant help thinking that this time last year I was hiking around Ubud in beautiful Bali.   I’m hoping its not toooooo long before I’m there again.

18th July….

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I have recently gone off on a completely different track!!  It was pure accident and one that I have quite enjoyed.  I was making a bird for a commission and it inspired me to make other birds and some more hanging fish (which I had done previously) so now I am doing a small range of birds that don’t really look like any sort of bird you would see in real life as I’m not that good!  but they are fun and cute and have real feathers that I have collected.  So once again it is the process that can be the most fun.  Shortly I am going to be in Nannup for their annual Garden & Flower Festival, so I thought that some birds might just be the thing.  I am joining some other artists in holding a market that connects to the Festival.   It is being held in August so if you are in the area call in and say Hi.!

5th July….

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The weather has been lousy here in the South-West of Western Australia but having said that it is winter!!  But normally its not this cold, very low temperatures, which is unusual.  Apparently there’s even been snow in some areas Ouch!!!!!  So I have been hibernating inside doing paperwork, blogs etc. as the workshop is a bit chilly even with thick socks and big boots.

I have been working on shadow boxes recently and have done quite a few of different sizes and am enjoying the process of adding my found objects to form a scene, an each one is unique.  I am saving them for my second solo exhibition in Busselton in November.  Lots of work to do and I’m both keen and excited to announce a second exhibition in January at the Bunbury Regional Art Gallery which I’m collaborating with the very talented Sharon Hinchcliffe of  www.arlidesign.com.au so my life is out of control at the moment trying to work on two exhibitions and my normal production line.   But I always work well under pressure and I need time to beachcomb as the swells have been fantastic lately so much to explore.  I will keep you posted….

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