24th June….

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Hi all, thought I would do a quick note to self to NOT FORGET MY BLOG!!!  Sometimes when I am busy I forget the media updates, like my blog, instagram,facebook etc. etc.   I wish I had a personal assistant (never gonna happen!) who could do all the media and bookwork and ordering and emails and packaging so that I could just get on with the lovely side of my art practice, which is actually making art!!!

Its awful when the running of a business overtakes the pleasure of doing the art and that is why you started the business in the first place.  Oh well enough whinging from me.   I just wanted to let you know I have uploaded some more photos to my gallery page so that you all can see what I have been doing lately.

12th May…

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Hello to all my long lost Bloggers!!!  I am still going and thought I would send you all an update of what is happening down this way in the South-West of Western Australia.  I have been very busy producing and selling my work & have tried to stay in the workshop as long as possible.  I have started expanding my range to include more functional wares & also adding home decor to my list of achievements.  Recently I have been doing some markets again as well which I have really enjoyed.  While I was there diligently working (bottom photo)  I was thrilled to watch printmaker Lynne Mitchell do a quick hands on demo.  I wish I had more hours in the day so I could try and do everything that interests me!!!  I would love to do printmaking it’s so hand on and except for the lino cutting seems to be a beautiful process for making art that can appeal to everyone. (plus its so much easier to transport!!)  That of course is the pleasure of going to markets, that you get to talk & debate with other artists.  Sometimes being in the workshop all the time can be very isolating & your mind starts to play tricks on you.  I recommend getting out into the sunshine & finding your closest market where you get feedback from all the customers even the negative ones!!

29th March….

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Recently I was given a stack of Cuban Cigar boxes.  They are so pretty and well made, I personally don’t smoke cigars but I really wanted to use them and show off there pretty designs.  Of course, originally the 9 x 5 artwork phase started from a cigar box so I thought it was keeping good company to restart another form of cigarbox art.   Now I have gone mad!! My poor friend is apparently smoking madly to keep up with demand!!  (I feel slightly guilty about his health) but they are so lovely to work with and I have been trying to keep to a cuban theme.  I have been doing little boats sailing along, with a cuban vintage map in the background and some other form of display with the boat.  Ive made them so that they can hang on the wall and I’m currently in the process of changing the artwork and incorporating an Australian theme.  I particularly like them in the portrait configuration but the only problem then is that the box artwork is the wrong way but I think i’m being to picky.  Its fun that the lid can close and open when its on the wall, like a little surprise really.  I will keep you posted……

28th December….

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Well Ive finally finished shifting my entire house, my family, my workshop and everything done while I was working as well.  In the meantime I went to Bali and did a sabbatical and found some mojo!!!    I still havnt had my kiln connected so things are slow but I have managed to do a few things in my workshop and have a wishlist as long as my arm.  But now Christmas is behind us and the New Year is looming I have grand plans for doing lots of fossicking in the beautiful South-West of Western Australia and showing lots more photos of my travels.

Happy New Year !!!!!!!

8th September …..

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Yesterday I spent touring the countryside, the Balinese were preparing for Galungan a religious festival that is very beautiful, so the decorations were up in front mod every home, some were excessive and others modest but my driver assured me they all would be up by that night as the ceremony was the next day.  

I also went to the rice terraces up high in the hills above Ubud and the cool breeze was lovely, the rice was only small so the visual impact was not the same but the setting was pretty spectacular! 

Today is my last day in Ubud and I am heading down the hill ( so to speak) into frantic and noisy Legian which I’m not looking forward to that side of it but my daughters are there so that will make it all worthwhile, they of course want to shop!!!  I expect we will need another bag to fly home!

6th September….

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So far so good with my Ubud experiences.  I’ve been lost so many times that I should have lost thousands of pounds but alas, the food is very good!!!   It has taken some adjustment for me to relax and accept my new surroundings as they are so very different from down at the coast.   It is quite difficult to get around here without a scooter so I’m destined for a lot of walking or to pay for a taxi.   So I walk!  After three days I have finally got the hang of walking without thinking about it and as it’s very hilly here you have to adjust and slow down and just walk. 

Having said that it’s very beautiful and I’m in awe of the beautiful little lanes that wend there way throughout the whole of the area.  Because I’m travelling alone I find things are so much simpler and I can pace myself with the surroundings.   I got up very early yesterday and walked down the mountain to where the Camphuan River runs and above that is a famous trail which runs along the whole ridge above the river, it was quite difficult climb for me as I’m not as fit as I think I am!!!  But I was chuffed that I finished it and I had the company of a local dog up & back (I think he felt sorry for me).  I felt like doing the rocky dance but instead walked further still to a ceramic factory I was interested in seeing.  Very lovely work but the area I wanted to see out the back was closed to the public that day (typical) I did buy a small momento to take home.

Today I’ve bitten the bullet and hired a taxi as I want to see the famous rice fields at Tegalalang and the Tohpati village where they make the batik fabrics, will keep you posted…..

3rd September…..

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Hi everyone!  I’m holidaying in beautiful Bali at the moment and am enjoying every moment.  I’m staying at a lovely resort in Tuban and its right on Segara Beach.   The gardens are superb which is one of the reasons I picked this resort as it has extensive grounds all lovingly looked after and I discovered a famous coconut tree!!!  It has three branches and is very old, it’s in the grounds of the resort and has had a temple built around it. Apparently coconut trees don’t grow branches!!  

While I have been lolling around on my pool lounge doing absolutely nothing I have had the pleasure of watching the surfers coming and going on the beach.  Segara Beach has a reef break about 500 metres off shore, maybe more, and all day long the pretty fishing boats ferry them back and forth to where the best break is.   They all stay out there for hours surfing, it’s a bit far out to really see them but sometimes you see one catch a wave and I would love to sit out there in a boat and just watch them.  It’s been one of the relaxing highlights of my holiday watching them all each day.   

I’ve been very relaxed & serene and tried to be very quiet this break as I’m trying to practise serenity & calmness and I think I’m doing pretty good, I only talk when spoken to I expect it’s like being  one of those no speaking monks, and I’m beginning to understand why they do it!!!  After a while you begin to notice different things because you aren’t talking to someone, for instance I’ve found small things very interesting.  They have tiny little finches here that are endlessly entertaining flitting around the gorgeous plants & shrubs and very beautiful art, sometimes it’s just a stone carving for a wall but the details are lovely.  I feel my senses have heightened as all I can smell is the fragrance of  the gorgeous frangipani which comes in so many variations over here, I wish I could take cuttings home with me.   I’ve also been watching  the religious ceremony of offerings which are made fresh each morning and placed in different locations, there is one small temple near the resort that I’ve been able to watch a girl do this ritual each day and she has a selection of food & flowers that she gathers and then puts them at the site with incense burning, it’s so therapeutic to watch & absorb.   

Today I leave this beautiful coastline and head up to Ubud, I’m a little aprehensive as I feel safe & secure here, but I’m hoping to do some yoga & ceramics while I’m up there so I will keep you posted….. Shhhh…


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