19th October….

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Fantastic news!!  I have finally opened a workshop/gallery space of my very own in sunny Busselton, Western Australia.  It has been a long time coming but I am very happy with change and am very happy with the space that I’m working in.  It has a good vibe and originally was the stables for the local lock-up!!  I feel quite content here maybe because the horses have left a good spirit from the 1800’s but anyway so far all I have had is positive feedback from people coming to say Hello and I’ve been lucky enough to sell a few pieces as well which makes it a bonus.  I have decided to change my logo but am still only doing coastal themed art work.  (can’t change that!!)

So if you find yourself in the Busselton area don’t forget to look me up and say Hello.




17th September….

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Last night was the opening of “Ombre” a feast of visual arts that was all brought together by the unbelievable talents of the Bunbury Art Connect group.  It was held at Bunbury Entertainment Centre and was a collaboration of painting, mixed media, dance and performance, music and fashion.  What a night!!    But it worked and the audience was treated to a glut of art in all forms.

I was lucky enough to be a contributor to the weekend and I was proud to have been chosen to participate in a show that hopefully will be back next year and be bigger and better.  Its not often that artists get to mix together for one show and it was wonderful to talk and see other forms of art and imagination in one room.


9th September…..

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Very busy times at the moment, my workshop looks like a bombsite!!!  I am right in the middle of preparation for note one! but two!!! exhibitions.  What was I thinking!!!  The first is in November and the second is in January which I am collaborating with another artist which is very very exciting.  I will tell you more as it progresses.

So the kiln is working overtime and my hands are busy making, making, making.  Though during this time I cant help thinking that this time last year I was hiking around Ubud in beautiful Bali.   I’m hoping its not toooooo long before I’m there again.

18th July….

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I have recently gone off on a completely different track!!  It was pure accident and one that I have quite enjoyed.  I was making a bird for a commission and it inspired me to make other birds and some more hanging fish (which I had done previously) so now I am doing a small range of birds that don’t really look like any sort of bird you would see in real life as I’m not that good!  but they are fun and cute and have real feathers that I have collected.  So once again it is the process that can be the most fun.  Shortly I am going to be in Nannup for their annual Garden & Flower Festival, so I thought that some birds might just be the thing.  I am joining some other artists in holding a market that connects to the Festival.   It is being held in August so if you are in the area call in and say Hi.!

5th July….

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The weather has been lousy here in the South-West of Western Australia but having said that it is winter!!  But normally its not this cold, very low temperatures, which is unusual.  Apparently there’s even been snow in some areas Ouch!!!!!  So I have been hibernating inside doing paperwork, blogs etc. as the workshop is a bit chilly even with thick socks and big boots.

I have been working on shadow boxes recently and have done quite a few of different sizes and am enjoying the process of adding my found objects to form a scene, an each one is unique.  I am saving them for my second solo exhibition in Busselton in November.  Lots of work to do and I’m both keen and excited to announce a second exhibition in January at the Bunbury Regional Art Gallery which I’m collaborating with the very talented Sharon Hinchcliffe of  www.arlidesign.com.au so my life is out of control at the moment trying to work on two exhibitions and my normal production line.   But I always work well under pressure and I need time to beachcomb as the swells have been fantastic lately so much to explore.  I will keep you posted….

24th June….

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Hi all, thought I would do a quick note to self to NOT FORGET MY BLOG!!!  Sometimes when I am busy I forget the media updates, like my blog, instagram,facebook etc. etc.   I wish I had a personal assistant (never gonna happen!) who could do all the media and bookwork and ordering and emails and packaging so that I could just get on with the lovely side of my art practice, which is actually making art!!!

Its awful when the running of a business overtakes the pleasure of doing the art and that is why you started the business in the first place.  Oh well enough whinging from me.   I just wanted to let you know I have uploaded some more photos to my gallery page so that you all can see what I have been doing lately.

12th May…

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Hello to all my long lost Bloggers!!!  I am still going and thought I would send you all an update of what is happening down this way in the South-West of Western Australia.  I have been very busy producing and selling my work & have tried to stay in the workshop as long as possible.  I have started expanding my range to include more functional wares & also adding home decor to my list of achievements.  Recently I have been doing some markets again as well which I have really enjoyed.  While I was there diligently working (bottom photo)  I was thrilled to watch printmaker Lynne Mitchell do a quick hands on demo.  I wish I had more hours in the day so I could try and do everything that interests me!!!  I would love to do printmaking it’s so hand on and except for the lino cutting seems to be a beautiful process for making art that can appeal to everyone. (plus its so much easier to transport!!)  That of course is the pleasure of going to markets, that you get to talk & debate with other artists.  Sometimes being in the workshop all the time can be very isolating & your mind starts to play tricks on you.  I recommend getting out into the sunshine & finding your closest market where you get feedback from all the customers even the negative ones!!

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