12th December….

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Hi everyone!     I thought I’d better make the effort to update my blog.  Sorry but I have been so busy making & doing! that I sometimes neglect my social media commitments!!!  As most of you guys know its hard to keep up with website, instagram, FB & blog!!  I’m just hoping that they don’t come up with anything else otherwise I will really be in trouble!  As I’ve told you before I have the studio at the Artgeo complex in Busselton Western Australia, I’ve been busy doing the chrissy things like tree decos & signs & little trees etc..   You can check out my artwork on either FB or instagram under #tracieandersonceramics  Hoping everyone has a safe & happy Christmas and gives & receives lots of peace & love.    See you all in the New Year….

26th October….

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IMG_0759 Dried Sponges on Display 


Hi All,  Just wanted to give you a quick view of the studio/workshop & also of the gorgeous foreshore down here in Busselton.    There has been a steady flow of people coming into have a browse and a chat!!  I enjoy talking to them & showing how I do things in my workshop.  It’s amazing how little people know about the process of claywork and firing/glazing etc.  I think I must take it all for granted and so its been nice to explain the process for them.  I intend to do some workshops after Christmas, so people that are interested will become familiar with clay and what you can do with it.  The possibilities are endless and for me I try not to drift off onto different paths as there are so many that you can follow!!!!  I have always been drawn to the coast and because I use found objects in my work I am happy to keep to a coastal theme and follow where that leads me.

18th August…..

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The exhibition in Fremantle went really well and most pieces were sold except for two and strangely enough I thought those two pieces would be the ones to move first. Unfortunately I could not attend but it was a successful weekend for those involved and it was good to see my name alongside the likes of Sandra Black and Greg Crowe to name a few who are my peers in the ceramic world and if I had run into them I would have felt quite daunted by their presence because then I would feel my work wasnt up to the standard being shown. BUT then my pieces SOLD so all of that worrying and anxiety goes up in smoke dosnt it. Its a see-saw kind of life being an artist!

12th September….

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art baskets-001Its been very busy time lately and I havnt had a chance to get into my studio at all !!!! I have had a delivery of some new glazes which Im dying to try out and hopefully will by Saturday. The weather down here is lousey, so a goodtime to get workshop stuff done. The Signature South-West opens tomorrow night in Busselton, so if you are in the area dont forget to call in and support the local art scene, plus you will get a glass of delicious local wine !!! You dont need a better incentive.  Last year I was awarded “Highly Commended” for the three porcelain vessels with added found objects, so fingers crossed for this year…..

26th August…..

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Ria Bignell painting

Ria Bignell painting

I spent the weekend involved with the annual fundraiser Art Extraordinaire. It is a huge endeavour with lots of volunteers involved to make it the smashing success it always is. I had five pieces in the show and was lucky enough to sell three of those, I class that as a successful weekend. Everyone wins, the school, myself and the public. I also bought a small painting which I love of a beach scene (of course) by artist Ria Bignell. Now that the weekend is over I am busy getting ready for Signature SouthWest in Busselton. Lots to do as usual so I had better get on with it. Keep you posted….

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