26th March… Easter Saturday

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Recently I had the good fortune to meet Rowena Mitchell from The Artisan Store in High Street, Fremantle.  What a beautiful gallery and it is made up of a good eclectic range of artworks.  The shop is made of different display areas and as it is a co-op, you can pick what suits your art and the lovely part is you don’t have to be there yourself for your art to sell.  The Gallery is in a great area of Fremantle on High St., but really easy to get to and explore.  If you are in the area make sure you pop in and say Hello to Rowena and check out not only MY artwork but all the other goodies as well.  This is a preview of what I’ve sent to The Artisan Gallery….

17th June…..

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IMG_3618 IMG_3626IMG_3315 IMG_3625The weather has finally turned a bit blustery and cold but of course it is winter in Western Australia and so I must expect some rain I suppose. Lately the weather has been quite cold but still sunny so I have been spoiled. Have been busy in my workshop getting ready for some shows that are coming up a bit to quickly though i’m trying not to panic!!! Lots to do, lots to do….

11th March…..

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IMG_0080Yippee !!! Finally finished my canvas wall piece for Mandurah. The Mandjar Art Awards opening night is Saturday 23rd March at 7pm and then it runds till Sunday 7th April. Sooo if you are in the area dont forget to call in and check it out. It is being held at the Mandurah Performing Arts Centre. Fantastic venue in a beautiful setting. Support the Arts.!!!!

7th March…..

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IMG_0037 Hi all, I have finally finished the tiles for my wall piece and have arranged them to my satisfaction on the canvas. I dont want to show you yet as its needs tweeking. The inner circle needs some thought, I have slept on it but I need to think about it some more !!! I want to include seaweed in the spiral, but it needs to lay reasonably flat. I am going to muck around with it today and see what happens. Will keep you posted. P.S. Its Thursday !!! Check out http://mudcolony.blogspot.com.au/

2nd March…..

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work in  progress

work in progress


  Well I started the canvas piece for Mandurah, it looks really good but I got half-way through and realised I didnt have enough tiles !!!! So back to the workshop and now I have made another 150 or so. They are now drying (quickly I hope)But unfortunately the work has come to a standstill as I cant go on without the new tiles to finish the outer circle, so then I can go on with the inner circle. GROAN…… I actually am doing this on the kitchen table so no-one can eat at the table for another week.!!! It was too hot in my workshop and there wasnt enough room to lay the canvas down (yeah right) had nothing to do with the air-con or watching telly while I work. Anyway I’m halfway there so maybe another few days. I will keep you posted… Looovvve the colour….

28th November……

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Today has been the worst day weather wise,  it is blowing a gale, nearly cyclonic but being the true artist that I am I still ventured into my studio (joke) it was so loud I could barely hear myself think. !!!!  I did get a few hours work done though and after the delivery yesterday I decided to start on some little boats and a couple of larger ones.  I also did a pressed round dish which I may add feet to.  Unfortunately I had to finish for the day as my clay is too wet.  I was going to do some terracotta as well, but that is too wet as well.  Its been very frustrating, I am going to have to go to Perth and get some more clay as I have run very low and need to get on with my work.  I wont be able to get there before next week, maybe Saturday.  Fingers crossed……

27th November…..

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Today I did the deliveries for the Christmas Shops, what a drag…    But all done now and delivered and I can relax until Saturday when I start all over again.

But I have some new ideas so I am looking forward to getting started on them.  My Ceramics Review mag arrived today.  Unreal !!!!!    So now I can sit with a glass of plonk and read my only subscription from England.   After Ive done all the paperwork…..   All the photos of my new work are on the page  “its all about me” make sure you have a look……

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