14th January….

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I went to an interesting exhibition at Bunbury Regional Art Gallery recently and checked out Glen Skien’s work. I really liked what he uses for his artwork, mostly the metal wall prints and as you can see from the photos his envelopes were great as well, some from metal some from paper very interesting concept and worth a look, this is only a sample of his work and I was impressed with this exhibition, so if your in the area call in and check it out PLUS I have some pieces in the glass gallery near reception which you might like to take a look at!!!!


16th February….

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IMG_1568Its been ages since I wrote a post, I dont know whats wrong with me lately I seem to have lost my mojo somewhere… We had the opening last night of the South West Survey, one of the premier events in the South-West with alot of different artistic mediums coming together to show some of the talent in the district. I liked alot that was on display and my favourite was a set of ceramic galloping horses that were very big and very well done. Congrats to the artist who did this as they were my favourite as well as a “cubby”made of sticks (lifesize) with crochet panels in the walls and roof. I loved it very diverse and I wanted one for myself to play in. But I did think that the amount of 3d work was limited. Maybe not alot of 3d artists entered but it would have been nice to see a bit more sculptural work, come on south-west artists, where are you…I know your out there…

28th January….

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IMG_1507The Exhibition “Bleached Fragments” has run for two weeks and I have had good sales and some really positive feedback. I was really happy with the setup and the overall look of the display. It is a very calm room and my pieces, both wall & plinth, all looked very cohesive. Now I can breathe a sigh of relief, I have put myself back on the gallery work list as I actually miss going down there and seeing the new exhibitions every month and now I might (yeah right !!!) have more time! I have finished my pieces for the South-West Survey and they will be delivered tomorrow. Another weight lifted off my shoulders. Keep you posted….

28th November….

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IMG_0999IMG_0997IMG_0996IMG_0995IMG_0993IMG_0992 At last the pieces for the Regional Art Gallery are packed and ready to deliver, now onto the next lot. But I am just going to pop over to the Mud Colony for the second last time. Boo Hoo….

13th November…..

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IMG_0945Six weeks till Christmas eeeek!!!!!! So much to do so little time. I know I work better under pressure but this is ridiculous, but I am chipping away at the work I have to finish. Pieces for the Bunbury Art Gallery are finished. (Thank God) Just some tweaking to do. Then I have to finish work for Busselton which is in progress at the moment, still alot to do but if I stay calm I think I will be ok. Mind you no-one will get anything for Christmas this year as I wont have time, maybe not even lunch !!!!!! Fingers crossed and keep you posted….

31st October….

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Once again where has the time gone?   I am getting work done but…..    I thought I had better write a quick post before the end of the month!!!!   I  have been waiting on some new glaze to arrive, which it has now, so this weekend I am definately firing up the kiln.  That will mean the pieces for the Christmas shop will be finished and I can go onto finishing the sculptural pices for the exhibition in January.  I have everything planned out in my mind and on paper.  Fingers crossed it all comes together.

Also, Great News,  I have been selected to exhibit in the South West Survey next year, with two pieces that I havnt even started yet.   So that needs to be started as well.  Busy Busy….

What do you think of these?IMG_0897 IMG_0898 IMG_0899 IMG_0900

20th October….

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IMG_0793Finally finished some of the pieces that I have been mucking about with. This lot have gone to The Courthouse Gallery in Busselton and the next lot are for the Bunbury Regional Art Gallery Xmas Shop. I will give you a preview in my next post…. All looking good.

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