26th March… Easter Saturday

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Recently I had the good fortune to meet Rowena Mitchell from The Artisan Store in High Street, Fremantle.  What a beautiful gallery and it is made up of a good eclectic range of artworks.  The shop is made of different display areas and as it is a co-op, you can pick what suits your art and the lovely part is you don’t have to be there yourself for your art to sell.  The Gallery is in a great area of Fremantle on High St., but really easy to get to and explore.  If you are in the area make sure you pop in and say Hello to Rowena and check out not only MY artwork but all the other goodies as well.  This is a preview of what I’ve sent to The Artisan Gallery….

1st March….

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The Beautiful World of Patterns….

7th June…..

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Having spent the long weekend in Albany Western Australia, in absolutely sublime weather and with fab friends and having collected the small shells that I can only get from Emu Point and NOW I’m back to my new workshop ( not really new just a different spot) I’m still unpacking boxes but I thought leave it all and start touching some clay which has been a few weeks.  I didnt realise how  much I had actually missed it.  Well now I’m on a roll and I cant stop!!!  Which is good because I have delivery dates scheduled and I need to really work hard to fulfill them.   That little break was enough to give me the kick in the behind to get on with it.  I still have boxes to unpack and I cant find all the bits & bobs that I need but what the hell it will happen and least I’m producing!!!  My kiln has been properly connected but I havnt been able to give it a test run yet but hopefully all will be well.  Another great thing is that if I need a break I can just go for a walk on the beach rain  or shine, what inspiration and relaxation…..

12th May……

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Enjoyed a sunset walk with the dog this afternoon, beautiful and clear.

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IMG_3315 IMG_3316 IMG_3317

This is my last load of greenware at my current workshop.  Unfortunately my life has taken a dramatic upheaval and I am currently changing locations.   The next firing I do will be in a new workshop which will be a little smaller but has the added bonus of being directly across from the beach which is lovely to be able to escape to whenever I want, which has been sometimes three times a day!!!  The majority of my workshop hasnt been shifted yet so I have the gruesome task of having to do this bit by bit a most things have to be shifted by hand.  Woe is me!!!  Also my kiln has to be rewired so there will be delays in store for me so patience will have to be my motto for the coming weeks.  I will keep you posted….

26th November……

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Today I have spent getting things ready for the christmas shops, both in Busso and Bunbury.   Things have gone pretty good but I wish I had given myself more time to get things doen.  I know …… its my own fault for not having started things earlier, but I seem to do this alot.  I need to take dates into consideration.  I think what happens is the delivery dates seem further away that what they actually are.  The world is spinning to quickly !!!!

I took some photos to show you how important masking tape is to me in all its forms.

18th November…..

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Finally opened the kiln this morning, but it was still abit warm so I left the lid up while I had some brekky, avocado on toast and a cuppa tea  mmm….

The firing went really well and and I have been busy putting things together now that  I have the glazed pieces.  I also had some pieces in there that were just bisqued and now I can begin work on them as well.  I am really pleased with the progress I am making and always get a certain satisfaction from the pieces forming and when the artpiece is finished, and the results are successful  knowing the vision I originally had has come to fruition.  My sister in law brought me back a box of treasure from her holiday in Exmouth W.A. and I have been sorting through it all.  Some absolutely beautiful  pieces, all washed up on the beach where they camp for two weeks.   No wood though but some lovely dried seaweed and very beautiful broken shells with lovely shape and form.  I cant wait to use it all.   My imagination goes wild thinking of ways to use it all.

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