7th February…

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I’ve been busy in the workshop and even though I havnt written anything in my blog for a million years I havnt been sitting around doing nothing!!!
Ive started some small boats with maps which are very cute and I’m working on some small pieces to sell at markets in the upcoming months. I’m also desperately seeking a new workshop! I have outgrown where I am and so have spent the last couple of months scouring my neighbourhood looking for somewhere that can fit all my treasures and my kiln and me and be affordable!! Not easy. I have my eye on a couple of spots and have yet to approach the owners. Its a long haul decision and I dont want to move and then have to move again so it has to be right. I’m even considering combining a workshop with a small gallery space but its so expensive. Any ideas let me know….
I’ve also started a small Etsy Shop which is exciting, but I can only list a few simple pieces as my art is very hard to post so I’m limiting my worry for that. Though because I am new to Etsy I’m not sure how to get people interested. I will have to take a course maybe, and last but not least I’ve started Instagram as well so lots for you to check out…

2nd September…….

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IMG_0646Ive had a busy day in my workshop, working on various follow up jobs, those horrible jobs that need to be attended to, an added piece or some sort of finishing off that didnt get done and has sat there for some time. Thats me, leave them all to do in one day. Yuk!!! But of course there were bonuses (is that a word !!) because now I can start all the new things in my head without feeling guilty about the unfinished jobs.

7th August…..

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IMG_0483 I spent Saturday at the wonderful Artgeo Gallery in Busselton where they are currently holding a digital photo exhibition which was very interesting as I dont know much about the manipulation of photos, so I found it quite educational. I always supposed that you shouldnt tamper with a good photo, that they should hold there own but looking at these photos has taught me to think outside the box about photograghy and be open to all different elements of what is considerd art. Worth checking out this exhibition if you are in the area. While I was there I read an article on Origami, and it got me to thinking about using some of this procedure for some unusual bowls, so I went home and had a practice and this is what I came up with!!!

28th November……

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Today has been the worst day weather wise,  it is blowing a gale, nearly cyclonic but being the true artist that I am I still ventured into my studio (joke) it was so loud I could barely hear myself think. !!!!  I did get a few hours work done though and after the delivery yesterday I decided to start on some little boats and a couple of larger ones.  I also did a pressed round dish which I may add feet to.  Unfortunately I had to finish for the day as my clay is too wet.  I was going to do some terracotta as well, but that is too wet as well.  Its been very frustrating, I am going to have to go to Perth and get some more clay as I have run very low and need to get on with my work.  I wont be able to get there before next week, maybe Saturday.  Fingers crossed……

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