26th March… Easter Saturday

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Recently I had the good fortune to meet Rowena Mitchell from The Artisan Store in High Street, Fremantle.  What a beautiful gallery and it is made up of a good eclectic range of artworks.  The shop is made of different display areas and as it is a co-op, you can pick what suits your art and the lovely part is you don’t have to be there yourself for your art to sell.  The Gallery is in a great area of Fremantle on High St., but really easy to get to and explore.  If you are in the area make sure you pop in and say Hello to Rowena and check out not only MY artwork but all the other goodies as well.  This is a preview of what I’ve sent to The Artisan Gallery….

7th February…

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I’ve been busy in the workshop and even though I havnt written anything in my blog for a million years I havnt been sitting around doing nothing!!!
Ive started some small boats with maps which are very cute and I’m working on some small pieces to sell at markets in the upcoming months. I’m also desperately seeking a new workshop! I have outgrown where I am and so have spent the last couple of months scouring my neighbourhood looking for somewhere that can fit all my treasures and my kiln and me and be affordable!! Not easy. I have my eye on a couple of spots and have yet to approach the owners. Its a long haul decision and I dont want to move and then have to move again so it has to be right. I’m even considering combining a workshop with a small gallery space but its so expensive. Any ideas let me know….
I’ve also started a small Etsy Shop which is exciting, but I can only list a few simple pieces as my art is very hard to post so I’m limiting my worry for that. Though because I am new to Etsy I’m not sure how to get people interested. I will have to take a course maybe, and last but not least I’ve started Instagram as well so lots for you to check out…

7th January….

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IMG_1313 IMG_1316 IMG_1317I opened the kiln and “wallah” it was such a relief, everything was ok as I only have a few days now to get everything in order for the exhibition which starts on Saturday 11th January. I have a few finishing touches to apply to some different sculptural pieces and then I will take some photos and post them so everyone can see what I am putting on show for two weeks in Busselton. If you are in the area please call in and have a browse as I am very happy with the outcome and just hope that I have enough pieces to make a cohesive display. I will let you know how i goes and I will take some before and after shots of the exhibition room. Fingers crossed!!!

21st October…..

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IMG_0805 IMG_0840 IMG_0846 IMG_0848Today is my Wedding Anniversary, 18 years I’ve been married. It was beautiful weather so we took off to Busso for a lovely lunch and stroll around the foreshore. Of course, I still went to an art gallery, cant help myself. But it was a terrific way to celebrate the day. Tomorrow back to work.!!!

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