7th February…

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I’ve been busy in the workshop and even though I havnt written anything in my blog for a million years I havnt been sitting around doing nothing!!!
Ive started some small boats with maps which are very cute and I’m working on some small pieces to sell at markets in the upcoming months. I’m also desperately seeking a new workshop! I have outgrown where I am and so have spent the last couple of months scouring my neighbourhood looking for somewhere that can fit all my treasures and my kiln and me and be affordable!! Not easy. I have my eye on a couple of spots and have yet to approach the owners. Its a long haul decision and I dont want to move and then have to move again so it has to be right. I’m even considering combining a workshop with a small gallery space but its so expensive. Any ideas let me know….
I’ve also started a small Etsy Shop which is exciting, but I can only list a few simple pieces as my art is very hard to post so I’m limiting my worry for that. Though because I am new to Etsy I’m not sure how to get people interested. I will have to take a course maybe, and last but not least I’ve started Instagram as well so lots for you to check out…

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IMG_3315 IMG_3316 IMG_3317

This is my last load of greenware at my current workshop.  Unfortunately my life has taken a dramatic upheaval and I am currently changing locations.   The next firing I do will be in a new workshop which will be a little smaller but has the added bonus of being directly across from the beach which is lovely to be able to escape to whenever I want, which has been sometimes three times a day!!!  The majority of my workshop hasnt been shifted yet so I have the gruesome task of having to do this bit by bit a most things have to be shifted by hand.  Woe is me!!!  Also my kiln has to be rewired so there will be delays in store for me so patience will have to be my motto for the coming weeks.  I will keep you posted….

5th January…..

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So hot here in The South-West, it’s so hot today that I can’t go into the workshop as I have a metal roof and it’s like being in a slow cooker. So work today has come to a standstill. Still I wouldn’t be able to roll any clay with this heat!!!

4th January…..

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3rd January….

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First day back in the workshop!! I must admit my studio is a absolute pigsty but I can’t work up the energy (or time) to give it a good clean. It’s a full day’s work so it will have to wait. So doing any wedging or rolling is out of the question but I have been able to get a few bits & pieces finished and I’m waiting for a few mounts to dry after painting. Here’s a taste…..

15th December…

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Ship Ahoy!!! One of the bigger ships finally finished and ready to set sail.
Bit by bit I’m finally finishing all the little bitty boats and the bigger ships as well. Nearly there, I haven’t had much time unfortunately so it’s bit by bit to get things done. It’s very frustrating when I have quite a few new ideas but need the time to make a start on new things. It’s a slow process being a ceramicist!!!!!


10th December….

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A funny thing happened when we got to the “refuse and waste facility” it was closed!!!! I was so looking forward to a good junk scavenge. Oh well we stopped for a nice lunch instead and wandered around the shops.
As we got home earlier than planned I went onto practically finish the little bitty boats! It may have been a good thing, anyway all I have to do now with them is the sails which I’m still thinking about, I think maybe coloured bunting made of pretty fabric or paper or even old lace doilies. What do you think?


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