26th November….

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IMG_0984I have been in my studio every day this week, whether it was for an hour or a few hours, I am slowly getting through the work but there are still some major pieces I have to finish. I am trying to get the kiln fired up this week for a bisque hopefully tomorrow night if things go according to plan. Then I have a delivery of six pieces on Friday to the regional art gallery and then the final run towards Christmas, then January deliveries. Aaaarrggghhh!!!! Thats will be a big sigh of relief and satisfaction, check on me in February!!! p.s. The top photo (in case your wondering) is going to be a sculptural piece using the fencing wire and the newspaper is the templates for porcelain leaves, which I will strap on. I’m really looking forward to doing this piece and am starting this week on its first “leaf”. Will keep you posted….

19th July……

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IMG_0451Nice surprise yesterday, my artwork appeared in the 2013 application for the regional art gallery Christmas shop. You go girl !!!! Sorry its not a very good photo.

9th December…..

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Went into the Bunbury Regional Art Gallery today to see the Christmas Shop exhibition.   It was set out really nicely, I had put in six pieces but they only had four out on display.  If something sells they replace with the other pieces.  There was another ceramic artist with unusual slab platters.  Looked like tree bark pattern, really effective.  There was some lovely paintings and drawings and some metal sculpture work  of whimsical things, flowers and animals.  Some beautiful jewellery and I thought everything was reasonably priced.  Lets hope it all sells fast.   Can’t wait to see the Busso xmas shop.2012-11-27_09-52-47_436fusion 12012-12-09_11-09-10_8902012-11-27_09-39-33_4522012-11-27_09-21-35_9732012-11-27_09-43-08_592

18th November…….

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Yesterday I had my kiln on and have started work on quite a few new pieces.  They are due for delivery very shortly, so I had better hustle.  Six pieces are needed for the Christmas Shop at the Bunbury Regional Art Gallery.  I’m not sure what six yet and the rest are due in Busselton for there Summer Shop at the Artgeo Building.  I will have to do extra pieces for Busso as I am low on stock at the Courthouse Gallery in Busselton as well.  Plenty of work so little time.  I wish sometimes that I could just stay in the workshop and not have to come out to feed people and animals or do chores.  In an idyllic world I would be a studio hermit and not have to dress, just live in my p.j’s and do my artwork for days on end and not answer the door.  It would not be pretty but I would get plenty done !!!

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