15th August…..




5th August….

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I cant believe its already August, time is flying.  I have been very busy in my workshop getting up to date with firing and glazing and attaching all the extra pieces to make the beautiful sculptural and functional pieces that i make.!!

I have two shows this month so have finally got most (most!!!) of the pieces together and ready I have given you a glimpse of some of the pieces that ARE finished and mostly functional easier bits, slowly finishing the sailing ships and boats that are part of the show.  They are taking longer as have more work in them and more attachments.  Each show has about twelve pieces each so its been a long haul as I dont usually have two shows in one month!!!

I dont know about you….  but I work much better under pressure.  The only problem is Im focused so much on my art that everything else falls down.  The dog is looking at me in desperation to leave the house!!!  I have no clean clothes except evening wear!!!!  Everything has dried glaze on it eg: kettle, toilet door handle, iphone, ipad, hair etc…etc…  The fridge looks like Mother Hubbards cupboard!!!    You get the idea heh?    Let me know if you suffer from tunnel vision when you are working and have a deadline?

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