26th March… Easter Saturday

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Recently I had the good fortune to meet Rowena Mitchell from The Artisan Store in High Street, Fremantle.  What a beautiful gallery and it is made up of a good eclectic range of artworks.  The shop is made of different display areas and as it is a co-op, you can pick what suits your art and the lovely part is you don’t have to be there yourself for your art to sell.  The Gallery is in a great area of Fremantle on High St., but really easy to get to and explore.  If you are in the area make sure you pop in and say Hello to Rowena and check out not only MY artwork but all the other goodies as well.  This is a preview of what I’ve sent to The Artisan Gallery….

7th February…

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I’ve been busy in the workshop and even though I havnt written anything in my blog for a million years I havnt been sitting around doing nothing!!!
Ive started some small boats with maps which are very cute and I’m working on some small pieces to sell at markets in the upcoming months. I’m also desperately seeking a new workshop! I have outgrown where I am and so have spent the last couple of months scouring my neighbourhood looking for somewhere that can fit all my treasures and my kiln and me and be affordable!! Not easy. I have my eye on a couple of spots and have yet to approach the owners. Its a long haul decision and I dont want to move and then have to move again so it has to be right. I’m even considering combining a workshop with a small gallery space but its so expensive. Any ideas let me know….
I’ve also started a small Etsy Shop which is exciting, but I can only list a few simple pieces as my art is very hard to post so I’m limiting my worry for that. Though because I am new to Etsy I’m not sure how to get people interested. I will have to take a course maybe, and last but not least I’ve started Instagram as well so lots for you to check out…

8th December…..

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Another day in the workshop, yeehah!!! I’ve finished the little bitty boats and glazed them and I’ve finished the sails and glazed them as well and I’ve put the kiln on again and filled it with as much as I can. The only trouble is I’ve ran out of kiln props for all the fiddler glazed bits, I must remember to go on line and buy some more as this happens every time I never have enough to go around.
What do you think of this pair of lovelies? They are currently living in my back garden on a bench but I need to find them a new home amongst the foliage maybe.


7th December…..

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Finally in my workshop and enjoying every minute of it!!! It’s a nice sunny day and the pool looks fabulous but still to chilly for me “brrrrr”. I have been making lots of little bitty boats for some driftwood mounts, so I have ten of those underway and I have the kiln on “yaayyyy” !!!! Which is full of sails and some more larger boats so that will be ready tomorrow ( fingers crossed). I am so looking forward to getting some pieces finished as it has been so long since I’ve had some proper sculptural art ready to go to the galleries.



These are two pictures of my beach finds from yesterday, when I went for a quick explore with the dog. Isn’t it amazing what you can find in a short amount of time.
Well lunch is over back to the workshop and hopefully I will be blogging more now that I have more to tell you.

30th June….

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Once again its the end of the month and time is running short for the two exhibitions in August.  But I have been busy busy busy.  I’m about half way through both lots of work.  I still have the little boat people to make and some extra sails for the masts and a couple of sailors.  But the biggest problem is everything needs to be glazed which I hate but I need a good two days to get this done and then another week for assembly.

The photo above is showing only two sailing vessels with their masts but no sails.  I have just poured the resin and shells into the boats and now are leaving them to dry, which in this weather takes at least 48 hours, its been very cold as we have had little rain but lots of low temperatures.    As you can see my friend “masking tape”  is holding everything together until it drys, what would I do without her!!!!

15th June….

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Sometimes the pieces that you find that dont look like much have the most appeal. Like these two pieces of old coral, the patterns are beautiful but unless you look closely you wouldnt notice them amongst the shells on the beach. Im going to see what sort of marks they will leave on the clay as I often keep pieces like this just for mark making. I will have to take a photo of all markmaking items that I have, I have filled a lunchbox of treasures that make the most beautiful marks, some are natural shells and coral or old pieces of plastic or metal anything is used and after awhile you can just look at something and know that it will work.

30th May….

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IMG_1921 IMG_1922 IMG_1924 IMG_1925

Seeing I havn’t been able to use my hand much I have decided to try to keep the creative juices flowing and resort to photograghy with my fantastic pieces from Exmouth. Some things just photogragh really well and are easy to set up. I have decided to put together a small range of ocean related photos, with matching frames and added real items, such as twigs of driftwood or shell or sand maybe. Anyway here is a small sample of what I have in mind.

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