16th September….

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As you can see by the date of this post I have had a couple of weeks away from my workshop and any blogging.  I think I needed it, but also I think time has flown once again and I am in demand to do some pieces for two galleries and a commission for a customer.  So back to work and stop grumbling!!!  I gave my workshop a partial spring clean which always gives me the kick up the behind needed to start work on new projects as its all spick & span. But I’ve only done half and a good sweep & dust so all is good. As you can see by the photos I’m doing boats on wood and also some little boat people as they are popular in Busselton because they are small and easily able to travel home with you. I’ve done all the actual vessels and chosen the wood for the bases which is always good fun and Ive made a list of all the further things to do. Im going to do a couple of markets hopefully, one before Christmas and a few in the new year so I need to change tack of my usual art pieces as markets like small, easily carried and packed things!!! So the next few weeks should be fun as Im going to do decorative wall tiles, magnets, mobiles, some jewellery and local greeting cards. I’m not giving away to much at the moment as I havnt started the smaller pieces yet, but I used to do lots of markets a few years back and really enjoyed them and the interaction & feedback from customers. So I will keep you posted…

25th August….

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Well thats another two shows over for another year whew!!!  I had twenty three pieces altogether and twenty sold, so I’m quite happy about that.   Both weekends were successful for the hosts as well so everyone is happy right?    

Now onto the next project which is going to be more sculptural and is due early early September Eeeek!!!!   I obviously work better under pressure and with a deadline looming.  Talk soon I have to go sculpt!!!

20th August….

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19th August….

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18th August…..

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The exhibition in Fremantle went really well and most pieces were sold except for two and strangely enough I thought those two pieces would be the ones to move first. Unfortunately I could not attend but it was a successful weekend for those involved and it was good to see my name alongside the likes of Sandra Black and Greg Crowe to name a few who are my peers in the ceramic world and if I had run into them I would have felt quite daunted by their presence because then I would feel my work wasnt up to the standard being shown. BUT then my pieces SOLD so all of that worrying and anxiety goes up in smoke dosnt it. Its a see-saw kind of life being an artist!

15th August…..




13th August….

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IMG_2569IMG_2570IMG_2571IMG_2575The delivery has gone to Fremantle and I’m hoping that everything will be sold so I dont have to pick ANYTHING up!!!!! That would be great. All the pieces are ready for Art Extraordinaire and will be delivered next week.  Heres a preview of four of the pieces.

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