1st September….

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I know its been an age since I actually wrote a page but I can assure you that I have not been idle in all this time. I have done two shows in August, the fantastic Army Art exhibition in Fremantle and the Art Extraordinaire in Bunbury, both in Western Australia.


I was pleased with both shows and my beautiful pieces sold very well.  Yay!!!  Altogether I had made 24 new pieces (exhausting!) but was satisfied when at the end I only had 7 left.   Now I’ve started all new pieces some to go to a gallery in the South-West and some to a gallery in Fremantle.  My time is limited, so the process can be slow but I will get there in the end.   Ive uploaded the new pieces to the photo gallery for those that wish to see the whole shibang!!!


17th June…..

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IMG_3618 IMG_3626IMG_3315 IMG_3625The weather has finally turned a bit blustery and cold but of course it is winter in Western Australia and so I must expect some rain I suppose. Lately the weather has been quite cold but still sunny so I have been spoiled. Have been busy in my workshop getting ready for some shows that are coming up a bit to quickly though i’m trying not to panic!!! Lots to do, lots to do….

7th June…..

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Having spent the long weekend in Albany Western Australia, in absolutely sublime weather and with fab friends and having collected the small shells that I can only get from Emu Point and NOW I’m back to my new workshop ( not really new just a different spot) I’m still unpacking boxes but I thought leave it all and start touching some clay which has been a few weeks.  I didnt realise how  much I had actually missed it.  Well now I’m on a roll and I cant stop!!!  Which is good because I have delivery dates scheduled and I need to really work hard to fulfill them.   That little break was enough to give me the kick in the behind to get on with it.  I still have boxes to unpack and I cant find all the bits & bobs that I need but what the hell it will happen and least I’m producing!!!  My kiln has been properly connected but I havnt been able to give it a test run yet but hopefully all will be well.  Another great thing is that if I need a break I can just go for a walk on the beach rain  or shine, what inspiration and relaxation…..

12th May……

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Enjoyed a sunset walk with the dog this afternoon, beautiful and clear.

9th May …..

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If your anywhere in the area of Dardanup on the 16th or 17th May make sure you check out the Dardanup Art trail, its worth the effort as you get a map of the area and all the participating artists, wineries and galleries and you either visit them all or you pick a few and off you go!!!  The countryside is spectacular, the wine and food sublime and the art extraordinary.  The looking is all free and so is the wine tasting so it stands to reason your in for a pretty cheap day that will show you all the wonder of the Ferguson Valley.  Some of the places that open there doors are truly amazing and worth a sticky beak to see how the other half live in their beautiful valley, I also have some pieces exhibiting at the Dardanup Hall over the weekend and also at the Ferguson Hart Estate Winery, so check it out and let me know what you think….

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IMG_3315 IMG_3316 IMG_3317

This is my last load of greenware at my current workshop.  Unfortunately my life has taken a dramatic upheaval and I am currently changing locations.   The next firing I do will be in a new workshop which will be a little smaller but has the added bonus of being directly across from the beach which is lovely to be able to escape to whenever I want, which has been sometimes three times a day!!!  The majority of my workshop hasnt been shifted yet so I have the gruesome task of having to do this bit by bit a most things have to be shifted by hand.  Woe is me!!!  Also my kiln has to be rewired so there will be delays in store for me so patience will have to be my motto for the coming weeks.  I will keep you posted….

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On a recent trip to Fremantle in Western Australia, we had lunch in a beachside cafe and I was wrapped to see there upcycled art on the walls.  Not only were the objects collected off the beach but they were made into the most beautiful wall sculptures I have seen in ages.  I’m not sure who the fab artist is but BRAVO! to them for making something ugly into something beautiful.  I’m going to make it a mission of mine to try and do something similar using bits & bobs off the local beach and see what I can make!!!  Keep you posted…..

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